Our Story

Is a simple one and was borne out of frustration that Branded fashion on the High street and online was just not affordable enough. But we craved the opportunity to buy branded clothes and accessories like everyone else, and that led us to create Hype & Steam. Whether your look is bold, sassy or subtle; our Hypeandsteam brands have you covered. So be the hype and shop tomorrow’s inspiration here first!

Our Mission

Welcome to Hypeandsteam.com, a new revolution in Fashion ecommerce. Our Mission is to add Passion, Style and Value to your consumer experience as you browse our selection of fashion brands. Today’s Millennials want to be inspired and our brands right now are all the hype. Whether you’re searching the latest catwalk looks, or want to dress up like your favourite celebrities or you just desire to wear something stylish but understated, Hype & Steam is your ultimate fashion destination.